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Trading Terms

Babyaan Pty Ltd & Monstar Mode™ trading as "Babe Mode" (herein known as "Babe Mode") trades with clients using Terms & Conditions standard to Gift & Homewares Australia.

To obtain the trade prices as advertised on our wholesale pricelist, your order will total a minimum stock value of AUDAUD$150 (excluding GST & delivery) and you will be required to be a registered Australian business with an ACN or ABN (excluding international customers).

Retailers are welcome to visit our showroom/warehouse located at Unit1, 93 Derby Street, Silverwater. NSW 2128. Trading hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm. Saturday - by appointment.

Orders from new Customers:

All orders are supplied on a pro-forma basis and must total a minimum of AUD$150 in stock value. If you do not order AUD$150 worth of product, we may contact you to add to your order. Upon receipt of your order we will then prepare an invoice with a total for the goods (+ GST + delivery), which will be either emailed or faxed to you. Once payment has been approved and cleared we will then pack and prepare the goods for dispatch. Orders are either delivered by courier (our first preference or via Australia Post – depending on your location).

Please Note: Your order is binding once placed. Any changes to your order including the total volume, dollar amount or cancellations must be made within 5 working days of placing your order. Otherwise, a cancellation fee of 10% may be charged for administration.

Credit Account Customers:

Only long term clients with good payment history will be taken into consideration for credit accounts (subject to approval). Credit Accounts are to be operated within the terms and conditions that we agree upon within this document.


 1. We do not stock or supply the general public directly.
 2. We do not stock or supply Ebay stores.
 3. We do not stock or supply businesses operating at markets and fairs.

To obtain our trade prices & product information and to place an initial order, you must be able to provide the following information:

 1. Registered Business Name
 2. ABN or CAN
 3. Business type
 4. Place of Business Address
 5. Contact Person’s Full Name
 6. Contact Phone Number
 7. Fax Number
 8. Email address
 9. Web address (if possible)

Orders from Account Customers:

 1. Account Customers are clients who have been long term clients and who have completed and returned the New Account/Credit Application form, that has been approved by our Accounts Department.
 2. A minimum of three (3) proforma orders must have been completed before a New Account/Credit Application form will be issued.
 3. Orders are supplied to Account Customers with priority provided that the terms and conditions of the agreement are being met.
 4. Account customers must pay outstanding invoices within the agreed term of 30 days. Payment Options:
 5. Proforma (pre-paid) invoice
 6. Payments made by Cheque should be made out to "Babyaan Pty Ltd"
 7. Payments may be made by the following credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD or American Express.
 8. Payments may be made by direct debit into the Babyaan Pty Ltd banking account (as shown on invoice).


 1. Freight charges may vary depending on destination & size of order.
 2. Where possible we use the services of local and interstate couriers as our preferred delivery method. Otherwise orders will be dispatched using Australia Post.

  Freight Charges:

  a. Sydney Metro - $10 per carton
  b. ACT, Central Coast, Melbourne metro, Brisbane metro & Gold Coast - $15 per carton
  c. Adelaide metro - $20 per carton
  d. Perth & Darwin - 15% of order value
  e. Other regional areas around Australia - TBA Commonly the terms that we agree to with our new and our account customers are:
  f. Babyaan Pty Ltd, Monstar Mode™, Bubbie Holders™ & Marshmallow™ and their designs are all registered trademarks.
  g. All images, logos & written descriptions used on the Babe Mode, Babyaan™ & Monstar Mode™ websites, emails, brochures, or any other literature, promotional material or advertising material remain the property of Babyaan Pty Ltd & Monstar Mode™ and cannot be copied or reproduced in any form or used without permission. © Monstar Mode™ 2006.
  h. Invoices are payable one month from receipt of goods. That is, if you receive goods on 20th April the account is payable on the 20th of May.
  i. We trade with our clients using Terms & Conditions standard to Gift & Homewares Australia.
  j. To obtain the trade prices as advertised on our wholesale pricelist, each order will total a minimum value of AUD$150.00 (excluding GST & delivery).
  k. Accounts that remain overdue for more than 60 days will attract a fee not in excess of current bank prime interest rates.
  l. A limit to the amount of credit supplied is imposed on each account. This limit is negotiated between us and can be varied based upon your trading history, your specific requirements and your ability to pay the account limit. Faulty Goods
  m. Strictly, no returns without authorisation.
  n. All claims must be made within 7 days of receipt of Goods.
  o. If a customer declares a good is faulty and "they have" correctly followed the care instructions then we will gladly replace the faulty item.
  p. Items will NOT be replaced if it is deemed that the customer has not followed the correct care or washing instructions.
  q. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (A$)

Please contact info@babemode.com.au for additional information you may require regarding our trading terms and conditions.

All goods are supplied under the ROT Clause (Retention of Title) and remain the property of Babyaan Pty Ltd t/a Babe Mode™ until paid for in full. We reserve the right to take possession of all stock supplied if it is not paid for within our credit terms. Should your account fall into arrears we may take legal action or retain the services of a debt collection agency. In this case, we also reserve the right to claim all expenses incurred.

Please note that some of the information above does not relate to special or corporate jobs whereby a unique product is created or large quantity of product is ordered specifically for you or your company. Under our terms and conditions any order is binding once a purchase order is faxed to us. This means that in the event of a cancellation of the order, or a change to the order resulting in a reduction in price of the total invoice cost, we are entitled to claim the full amount of the purchase order value from you or your company. In the event of a cancellation the full and total amount of the invoice is to be paid within the agreed terms of the order. A 50% deposit must be paid on submission of the purchase order for any order over $5000 and this deposit is not refundable. Please note that the remaining 50% of the order must be paid within the agreed terms of the order before we can deliver any stock to you or your company. In the event of a cancellation or change to the invoice the remaining moneys owing on the invoice must be paid in full.